I'd like to get this for a report to my local League next Tuesday.  Hope the report can be posted soon. (and I know we are all in recovery mode -- so not looking for it right away).


Great convention and very exciting for a first-timer!



Daily Action Reports from Convention

Thanks for your note and we are very glad you had a great time at Convention. All of the reports will be up on our website by the end of the day today. We are also busy posting powerpoint presentations from the workshops and the speakers' presentations. We will keep adding the content as we get it and have time.






Thank you so much for posting Tuesday Action Report.

I have already sent the Resolution on Restoration of Voting rights to some of our Oklahoma League members who will be delighted to see it.

Many thanks,

Sheila Swearingen

Sheila Swearingen, President
LWV Oklahoma

posting Convention materials

Big hugs to all LWV staff! Elaine from MD asked if we shouldn't collect a CRM session email roster. Jenny Waggoner said Cheryl Graeve knew all of us and had written it already-- WOW!! 

Our annual Oregon LWVOR State Board Retreat is June 16-18, we'd love to share any Convention materials that can be posted in time. Thank you!!

Becky Gladstone Chair LWVOREF Eugene, OR