The Women's March on Washington begins Saturday January 21 at 10am with a rally. 

If you are marching with the League in Washington, D.C., please meet us at the McDonalds located at the corner of C Street Southwest and 4th Street Southwest at 9:15am on Saturday, January 21.

We will do our best to stand out with signs and banners. We plan to walk together towards Independece Ave closer to 10am. Check the League Twitter (@LWV) for updates on League movements. 

The rally - including speakers and performances - will run from 10am - 1pm. The March organizers will announce the program particpants on Wednesday evening here: https://www.womensmarch.com/event-details/

***The actual MARCH will start at 1pm from the rally site at 3rd Street and Independence Ave SW.***



The starting point for the march and the rally will be the intersection of Independence Avenue and Third Street, Washington DC, near the U.S. Capitol. 

At 1pm, we will march WEST on Independence Avenue to 14th Street. At 14th Street, we will cross the mall walking NORTH to Constitution Aveune. On Constitution, we will continue marching WEST to the Ellipse (park in front of the White House). That will conclude the Women's March on Washington.



The forecast for Saturday is cloudy with highs in the mid 50s. If you are arriving early in the morning, you will need a coat. Wear layers and comfortable shoes. There will not be seating available so keep in mind you will be standing for at least 3 hours before the march begins. 

Dress in RED, WHITE and BLUE and wear what League gear you have: hats, pins, shirts. Travel light if possible (see bag rules below). Do not carry valuables or too much cash on your person.



Here is a useful site showing a map of all the locations of toilets, places to warm up and charge cellphones: https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/01/17/map-use-bathroom-charge-phone-womens-march/



Metro will open at 5 a.m. Saturday, add trains to accommodate march. Read more here: https://www.wmata.com/about/news/Womens-March-Service.cfm 



There will be food trucks up and down the route of the rally on Independence - but organizers strongly suggest marchers pack their own snacks.



Due to the size of the event, organizers recommend texting over calls. Make sure you have your phone charged and contacts saved. 

We recommend all DC League marchers download Twitter on your phone and following the League account @LWV for any day-of changes that impact our group marching together. 

The March also has an official FREE App where they will push notifications as necessary: https://dl.doubledutch.me/download.aspx?appId=a944de01-cc1a-4e2c-8aba-1ac7c830c0a7&region=us



Please tag the League in your social media posts so we can capture and share your great photos - both in DC and at Sister Marches:

Twitter: @LWV    Facebook: @leagueofwomenvoters

The official hashtags of the March are:

#womensmarch   #WMW   #Jan21   #WhyIMarch 



SIGNS Signs are encouraged! If you are marching in the name of the League, we ask that you not carry any overtly partisan signs. Stick with messaging that highlight the nature of the march: freedom, equality, women’s rights, inclusivity and unity.

Do NOT use large sticks or any sort of metal if making large signs that need additional support.

LWVUS staff have created a limited number of signs which we will share on first demand, but Leagues should feel free to BYO signs.


FAQ Page

Most questions about the march that are not answered below or in attachments can be found here: https://www.womensmarch.com/faq/



Looking to march on Saturday but can't make it to DC? There are more than 600 Sister Marches taking place around the world!

Find out where there's a Sister March near you at: https://www.womensmarch.com/sisters



The 3rd attachment below are social media samples from the Women's March. 

If you are marching with the League in DC OR at a Sister March around the country, and sharing your photos and stories on social media, please tag us so that we too can share your images: Twitter: @LWV Facebook: leagueofwomenvoters 



Please note all bags may be subject to search. Backpacks are not permitted. Bags should be no larger than 8”x6”x4”.  Specifically for people who would like to bring meals, each marcher is permitted one additional 12”x12”x6” plastic or gallon bag.  For marchers who have medical needs or for mothers who need baby bags or breast pumps, one clear bag or backpack no larger than 17"x12"x6" will be permitted and subject to search (colored transparent bags are not permitted).

We recommend also checking with your bus company if your bus will be secured during the march and if you can leave larger belongings in the bus, rather than carrying them all day.



The League will officially participate in the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

This decision also pertains to state and local Leagues interested in participating in sister marches. The  LWV Board of Directors strongly recommends that any state or local League check their liability with the organizers of the local marches to make sure your League is covered by insurance. 

If you are marching with the League in Washington, D.C., please meet us at the McDonalds located at the corner of C Street Southwest and 4th Street Southwest at 9:15am on Saturday, January 21.

The D.C. March starts at 10 am ET at the intersection of 3rd Street and Independence Avenue SW. Our meeting location is 2 blocks from the official march start point and will likely be a meeting point for other organizations. Organizers are expecting over 100,000 people so please give yourself enough time and stay together as a group.

Attached is a document of safety tips and guidance for getting around Washington, D.C. as well as information pertaining to the march.





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