As the League of Women Voters observes its 95th Anniversary and looks forward to its 100th, we proudly celebrate our rich history and embrace our bright future. These momentous anniversaries present a unique window of opportunity for the League to share our stories of achievement and our vision for the future.

During this celebratory period, we will speak with many old friends, some who want to actively engage with us, potential members, donors, members of the press and even those who know very little about the League. This is a chance for us to dramatically expand people’s knowledge, understanding and excitement about the League. Now is a wonderful time for us to let people know about the huge impact that the League has every day, in each of our communities and around the country.

As we all know, the more we work together, the greater our results. The more we coordinate throughout the organization, the more we can achieve. The same information coming from different sources across the League will help to break through the clutter and reach the people we most want to connect with during this exciting time.

To help us speak as one strong League, we have developed messaging that highlights our historical success and provides a platform for us to talk about our work today and into the future. The messaging is specifically designed to give us a common starting point for our communications. It is our hope that every League can benefit from this and will use it as a starting point to shape the way we talk about the League.

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