Due to the recent withdrawal of one candidate for a National Board Director position, this addendum is added to provide delegates with information about Rosalee Keech as a new candidate.




Biography: LWVUS Observer to the United Nations (2011-present); LWV Montville Area, NJ (1996-present); LWV Morris County, NJ secretary/historian (1997-99).  Governor’s appointee to NJ Board of Professional Planners (2002-present), Member NJ Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Taskforce and chair of the its Outreach & Awareness Committee (2013-present), Board Member Jewish Home at Rockleigh and Jewish Home at Home (2011-present), Working Group on Girls (2009-present) Girls Against Violence Chair (2012-present). Information Officer AIG (1999-2009).

Statement: The League of Women Voters is well respected, including around the globe.  Its strength is the diligence that is done to understand issues and its commitment in ensuring that citizens be informed and exercise the right to vote.  Because of its strength and commitment, the LWVUS is and continues to be an agent for needed change to ensure good government and governance.






I have clicked on several of the "nominees" and they are not updated.  Still have Deidre's picture and bio.

Frances McIntyre

LWV-Austin Area


Addendum question

It would be good to learn which Board member withdrew, so we can update our Convention workbooks. 



Addendum question response

Rosalee Keech replaces Deirdre Macnab, who withdrew. When, in the League Update, you click on the nominees, you are taken to the Convention Workbook, which is already printed with Macnab's bio. When you get to Convention there will be a sheet in your Convention packet with information about Rosalee Keech.

- from Linda Duckworth, Chair of the LWV Nominating Committee