Below are some example multimedia resources. These are not meant to endorse any particular practice or viewpoint, but to give you an indication of the breadth of the topics. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the Agriculture Update Forums at


Mote Aquaculture Farm (video 7:28 minutes)

Salmon farming in British Columbia (video 5:58)
By the BC Salmon Farmers Association

Farmed Salmon: Unhealthy and Unsustainable, Ocean Futures Society, (video 5:13 minutes)


USDA Certified Organic Farm, Spring Chicken Media, (video 9 minutes)

Joel Salatin Polyface Farm (by USA Today) (video 4:02 minutes)
Covers the system he employs on his farm from beef, to broilers, to laying hens and pigs

See also the first part of 2008 Food for Thought lecture at Oregon State Univ. below under Sustainable Agriculture.


The Eyes of Nye - Genetically Modified Foods (video 24:58 minutes)
Good “primer” on the concept of genetically engineered foodsit’s presented by Bill Nye in a comprehensively broad, simplified and even entertaining manner, making it viewer friendly. Disclosure: At the end, he does endorse farming responsibly, testing each case and labeling foods.

Wikipedia article on the genetically modified food controversies that seems to include most points of view (text)

See also middle part of the 2008 Food for Thought lecture at Oregon State Univ. below under Sustainable Agriculture.


Nanotech Risks, Discovery Channel, 2009 (video 2:10 minutes)
Andrew Maynard, chief science advisor for the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, talks to Jorge Ribas about the technology's risks

Agricultural nanotechnology and the future of food, webinar by the Institute for Trade and Agriculture Policy, May 2013 (video 57:43 minutes).
Technical webinar about nanotechnology applications in food and farming, potential risks, and regulatory recommendations


U.S. FDA Food Labeling Regulations (English) (video 3:46 minutes)
This is a brief video introduction on the various components of U.S. FDA Food Labeling Regulations. Its audience is to give producers an understanding of regulations but I think the info is appropriate for our population.

Commonwealth Club of California Oct. 2012 panel on Prop. 37: "GMO: Label or Not?" (audio 1:10 hours)


2008 Food for Thought lecture at Oregon State Univ. (video 1:24 hours)
UC Davis genetic engineering expert, Professor Pamela Ronald, and her organic farmer husband, Raoul Adamchak, discuss how the best practices of both organic farming and genetic engineering can be used together to improve farming. Note: the lecture can also be searched through the “transcript” button for key terms and what times they are covered in the video – it appears to be voice recognition, so is not 100% accurate, but is still a very neat feature.

Out to Pasture: The future of farming (video 34:11 minutes)
Out to Pasture contrasts industrial-style confined animal production with farms that raise food animals outdoors in diversified operations, striving to be sustainable.

Who Killed the Honey Bee? (BBC Documentary) (video 58:50 minutes)
An investigation into colony collapse disorder and die-offs of bees


Crop Insurance 101 (video 3:35 Minutes)
Tom Zacharias, President of NCIS, explains the basics of crop insurance


Michigan Farmer Fights Livestock Factory Farm Pollution (video 3:06 minutes)

Beef Documentary (video 6:33 minutes)
Uploaded on Sep 21, 2011. Farmers discussing the science behind a cattle feedlot and the care involved in raising the cows. The environmental practices they observe and are constantly improving upon are showcased.

Inhumane Feed Lot Beef vs. Humane Grass Fed Beef (video 3:31 minutes), FOX News segment discussing health and practice differences (some graphic scenes)

Living Downstream from a Pig Farm (video 3:01 minutes)

Hog Production at Smithfield Farms (video 4:11 minutes)

Undercover at Smithfield Foods (video 3:36 minutes)
Humane Society discussion of Smithfield gestation crates