April 16, 2014

TO: Alternate Candidates

FROM: Campaign Oversight Committee - Marlys Robertson (Chair), Nancy Eitreim, and Donna Lauffer

RE:  Campaign Procedures


The Campaign Oversight Committee (COC) is committed to ensuring that campaigns for LWVUS Board of Directors and Nominating Committee are conducted in a fair and open manner to enable the membership to make informed choices at the 2014 Convention.  LWVUS Policy Council/Convention (US502-01) states: 

“The term ‘candidates for LWVUS office’ shall be understood to include candidates nominated by the LWVUS Nominating Committee and any alternate slate or alternate individual candidates standing for election to LWVUS office, i.e., officers, directors and nominating committee members. A ‘slate’ is defined as two or more persons running or working together for election to LWVUS Office.” 

Alternate candidates, under Robert’s Rules, can be nominated from the floor during the first plenary session.  This memo is intended for League members who consent and expect to be nominated as alternate candidates during the first plenary session.


The “Campaign Policies for Candidates for LWVUS Office” (posted here) outline the procedures for running for national League office.  All candidates should become familiar with these policies.  You are encouraged to sign the Fair Campaign Practices Pledge and report your campaign contributions and expenditures.  LWVUS staff member Kelly McFarland Stratman (kmcfarland@lwv.org) will serve as the administrator for the COC and can provide you with general information, as well as the Pledge and financial reporting forms. 



Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nominations from the floor must be made during the first plenary session.  At the close of that session all nominees will meet briefly with the COC at the front of the plenary hall.  The purpose will be to outline the debate format and to collect any outstanding signed pledges and/or financial forms.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The “Report of Convention Action”  distributed on June 8 will include the COC report on which candidates have submitted a Fair Campaign Practices Pledge and a preliminary financial reporting form as well as the names of those who have not.  The report will also indicate whether or not the campaign policy for contributions and expenditures was followed.

A forum will be held on Sunday, June 8, for all nominees in the plenary hall at 12 noon.  The COC will develop the format for the forum.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Caucus space will be provided for the LWVUS nominated slate and alternate candidates/slate to hold informal “meet-and-greet” sessions with delegates.  The Arts District 5 meeting room will be available 7:30-8:45 am for the nominated slate.  Alternate candidates may utilize the Arts District 6 meeting room.  It will be available 7:30-8:45 am.

If there is a contested race, the vote for that race will be by paper ballot on Monday afternoon.  The Elections Committee, which is appointed by the LWVUS President at the first plenary session, is responsible for providing and counting the ballots.  Results will be announced on June 10.



Campaign expense reports are the responsibility of those nominated.  The costs for travel and Convention registration are not considered campaign expenses.  A final financial report must be submitted to Kelly McFarland Stratman within 60 days after the Convention no later than August 8, 2014.



Nominees are encouraged to provide delegates with information regarding their League experience, years of membership, reasons for wanting to serve, and vision for the League.   Separate tables to distribute campaign materials will be provided in the Convention Wares Market for Nominating Committee proposed candidates and for alternate candidates who anticipate a floor nomination. 

Links to the websites of all candidates including personal and campaign statements, will be posted in the Convention section of the LWVUS website.  Please send a link to the COC administrator at kmcfarland@lwv.org.