Nikki Harris was involved with Leagues all over the country for more than 30 years. Her devotion to democracy and empowerment of women in civil society also took her to other countries to share her expertise. Given Nikki's devotion to the League of Women Voters and especially, in the past few years, to training and coaching Leagues to strengthen their work in our democracy, her husband, Craig Spitzer and her daughters Donna and Debbie, have endowed the National League with a fund to support the ongoing training and coaching of Leagues. The Nikki Harris Online Training Series will help us continue Nikki's work in developing League leadership and honor her life and efforts to help build the future of the League. Nikki is remembered by her many friends in the League for her great sunshine of a smile, her buoyant energy, her determination to make a difference and her belief that, working together through the League, we can all be part of making democracy work! We are grateful for all she means to the League family.