Attendance at LWVUS Conventions/Councils

Any person who holds an elected or appointed position in the LWVUS (including members of the board, the nominating, budget, bylaws and campaign oversight committees and the UN observer and alternate observer) is presumed to be acting in that capacity while attending convention and/or council.  As such, these individuals may not publicly express disagreement with the board-recommended program, budget or bylaws amendments.

Nominees for LWVUS officers, directors and nominating committee members may attend convention as visitors or as state or local League delegates.

Individuals attending convention or council at LWVEF expense will attend as visitors.

All those attending convention/council at LWVUS expense will assist in the business of the convention/council as needed.  The convention/council planning committee will assign duties as needed and appropriate. 

Parliamentary aide positions at convention will be filled with nominees to the greatest extent possible.

Council Expenses
LWVUS will pay council expenses for the following individuals: LWVUS board members, nominating committee members, budget committee members, UN observer and alternate observer, if not attending as state League delegates.

Convention Expenses
LWVUS will pay convention expenses for the following: LWVUS board members, nominating committee members, budget committee members, campaign oversight committee members, moderator of the convention candidates forum, UN observer and alternate observer, and nominees for LWVUS office, if not attending as local League, state League or ILO delegates.  Nominees for LWVUS office shall be understood to include those who are expected to be appointed to the new board. 

LWVUS will pay expenses related to pre-convention board meeting attendance for all board members and nominees.  Nominees, including anticipated appointees, are encouraged to attend the pre-convention board meeting.  Post-convention board meeting expenses will be covered for those elected/appointed to the board.