Coalitions and Partnerships

The appropriate board (or the Executive Committee, when timing is critical) must explicitly approve LWVUS or LWVEF membership in all formal coalitions and partnerships as well as the acceptance of a League position on the board/advisory board of another organization.  Formal coalitions are those that have permission to use the League name. 

In the case of informal coalitions or meetings, the appropriate board must be informed at its next meeting whenever the LWVUS or LWVEF begins participating in such a group on a regular basis. 


The following criteria shall guide the LWVUS/LWVEF board in determining whether or not to join a formal coalition or to attend the meetings of an informal group on a regular basis:

•     The group's major goals are in accord with LWVUS or LWVEF program and/or organizational priorities. 

•     The group's activities will bring added effectiveness to the League's overall efforts to achieve its advocacy, educational, and/or organizational goals.

•     The group's major issues mesh with LWVUS positions or priorities, although there need not be a League position on every issue with which the group is concerned.  The aims of the group must not conflict with LWVUS positions.

•     The members of the group are organizations with which the LWVUS/LWVEF can work effectively.  The LWVUS/LWVEF has confidence in the leadership of the group and may itself serve in a leadership capacity with the group.

•     The goals and activities of the group as a whole are nonpartisan.  Very few, if any, members of the group endorse candidates.

•     Resource demands involved in working with the group (including staff and volunteer time as well as direct and in-kind expenses) are worth the investment.

The President/Chair shall make appointments or assignments for League representation with all coalitions, partnerships and regular meeting groups.

Annual Review and Approval of Coalitions and Partnerships

Once a year, the LWVUS/LWVEF board shall review the list of coalitions and partnerships to determine whether continued membership should be approved.  All groups to which the LWVUS or LWVEF is represented by a board member, staff member or off-board volunteer shall be included on the list.