Convention adopted:

A study of the federal role in public education. The study will focus on the role of the federal government in education policymaking, with possible consideration of funding, common standards and/or governance relationships among all levels of the government. The scope will be dependent on available resources, including committee and LWVUS staff time.

A study on privatization: the policy agenda to transfer government functions, services and assets to the private sector.

Convention also adopted the following positions by concurrence on the convention floor:

An updated Arms Control Position.

An addition to the LWVUS position on selection of the president: “We support the use of the National Popular Vote Compact as one acceptable way to achieve the goal of the direct popular vote for election of the president until the abolition of the Electoral College is accomplished.

An addition to the LWVUS Equality of Opportunity position: “The League of Women Voters of the United States supports equal rights for all under state and federal law. The LWVUS supports legislation to equalize the legal rights, obligations, and benefits available to same-gender couples with those available to heterosexual couples. LWVUS supports legislation to permit same-gender couples to marry under civil law. The League believes that the civil status of marriage is already clearly distinguished from the religious institution of marriage and that religious rights will be preserved.

Convention also supported the following resolutions:

To support lifting the travel restrictions for Americans going to Cuba.

To call upon the Board to use the resources of the League to support and lobby for significant strengthening of appropriate regulation, oversight, inspection, and penalties associated with the development of fossil fuel resources. This strengthening should include elimination from national legislation of the exemptions for drilling and mining, as well as additional legislation requiring the federal agencies to regulate drilling and mining in a manner consistent with the preservation of a healthy environment. We also call on the Board to communicate with the President and the Congress putting them on notice that Leagues across the country are deeply concerned about this issue.

To call upon the Senate to change its rules to limit the use of the filibuster.

To add the principle of TRANSPARENCY to the SARA Resolution, as adopted by the LWVUS Convention 0f 2005. Revised to include the following Principles: Security; Accuracy; Recountability; Accessibility; and Transparency.

To call upon the LWVUS Board to advocate strongly for bills that legislate for improved Medicare for all.

To call upon the LWVUS to highlight the need for those responsible for the oil spill to be held accountable. Further, the LWVUS demands that our government hold those responsible for the environmental disaster accountable for the clean-up. The LWVUS further urges the legislative and executive branches of the federal government to immediately take all necessary steps to maximize to the extent practicable the ability and efforts of all relevant federal agencies and departments to take action, and to work with the U.S. coastal states and communities most directly and immediately affected, to respond creatively, efficiently and effectively to the environmental, health and economic crisis created by the oil flowing from the out of control BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico and by the efforts to contain and disperse it.


Article III, Sec. 2 A (3), Membership, was amended by striking out the word HONORARY before the words life members. The bylaw will then read "those who have been members of the League for 50 years or more shall be life members excused from the payment of dues. (Note: All Leagues must conform their bylaws to this change.)

Article IX, Sec. 4, Convention Powers, Article X, Sec. 4, Council, Powers, Article XIII, Sec. 3 and 4, Financial Administration were amended to provide that a biennial budget would be adopted at Convention, starting in 2012.

Article X, Sec. 1. Place, Date and Call of Council was amended to provide that council shall be held at a time and place or in a manner determined by the national board.

See the 2010-2011 budget adopted at Convention. Note, the proposed PMP rate of $29.60 was increased to $29.70 for 2010-2011 by a motion on the convention floor. The PMP rate of $30.00 for 2011-2012 was adopted as proposed.

Officers, Directors and Nominating Committee Elected
See the names of new officers, directors and nominating committee.

Guidance to the Board
Delegates offered guidance to the board at the close of convention. A summary of that guidance and the board’s responses will be posted as soon as it is available.