During 2015, the LWVUS Constitutional Amendment Committee will conduct a study and member agreement process on amending our nation’s Constitution.

In addition to other topics, our League study will explore what constitutes an appropriate and well-crafted amendment. For Local Leagues that want to begin to prepare for the study, here is a paper published by The Century Foundation in 1999.

“Great and Extraordinary Occasions: Developing Guidelines for Constitutional Change”

A Publication of Citizens for the Constitution, a project of The Century Foundation

The Century Foundation Press, 1999 (61 pages total, 25 primary text)

Louis Michael Sidman, Legal Advisor; Virginia Sloan, Executive Director

This paper, developed by a long list of eminent lawyers and scholars, presents eight guidelines for constitutional amendments. It analyzes historical amendments and contemporaneous proposals (those discussed during the 104th and 105th Congresses, 1995 - 1999) against these guidelines. Available here