How long is the LWVUS Board or Nominating Committee term?

Officers, directors, and Nominating Committee members are elected at Convention for a two-year term.


When and where does the LWVUS Board meet?

The LWVUS Board usually meets on weekends in January, March and October in Washington, DC; the Board sets specific meeting dates at the first meeting. In June, a meeting is associated with Council or Convention. A summer retreat may or may not be scheduled. Board members arrive on Thursday, meet in committees with staff on Friday, hold a Saturday LWVUS meeting and conduct a Sunday LWVEF meeting ending at noon.


How does the Board accomplish its tasks with so few meetings?

Electronic communications facilitate both committee and Board tasks between meetings. Free conference calls and electronic Board meetings also are used. The LWVUS/EF staff manages day-to-day operations.


Do Board members pay their own costs for attending meetings?

Board expenses for travel, hotel and meals are built into each LWVUS budget approved by Council or Convention delegates. Board members submit a voucher enumerating expenses. They may choose to be reimbursed or to donate part or all of their expenses back to LWVUS/EF.


Do LWVUS Board members have contact with state and local Leagues?

Yes, each member is assigned several liaison states. Board members contact state presidents prior to and after Board meetings and local League presidents as the need arises. Local and state Leagues are urged to contact their liaison with any questions or problems. It is the LWVUS Board member’s duty to provide prompt responses.


Are Board members required to give a monetary donation?

Yes, but there is no specified amount. Board members give according to their means. Full Board participation in giving is important information to be able to provide when seeking foundation or grant support.


Do Board members have to raise funds?

Yes, development is part of total Board responsibility just as it is for local and state Leagues or an ILO. Board members are asked to submit names of friends and family to the LWVUS Development staff who prepare letters for a Board member’s personal note. All members are assigned donors to contact and thank for their contributions as well as selected prospective donors to call in order to engage them in supporting the work of the LWV.


Do Board members have specific portfolios?

The LWVUS Board uses a committee system. Each Board member is assigned to several committees based on preferences, talents and experience. Some Board members will serve as committee chairs. In addition, an officer or director may be assigned a specific issue or project.


How many volunteer hours per week or month are required?

The hours a Board member spends on LWVUS/EF work varies depending on their specific assignments and other personal commitments. It may vary from two hours per week to, on some occasions and for some portfolios, forty hours or more. Often time requirements come in spurts. Workloads are heavy immediately preceding and following Board meetings, prior to Council and Convention, and during election seasons. Officers’ and committee chairs’ obligations require more volunteer time.


What League experience should Board or Nominating Committee nominees have?

Knowledge of League processes and positions is essential. Experience at a national level, potentially on the boards of other national organizations is helpful.  Criteria that will be used to evaluate nominees for 2016–2018 positions can be found here


If elected to the LWVUS/EF Board, may I continue to serve my local and/or state Board?

The LWVUS/EF Policy Manual, Governance US-EF 00-02 Revised October 2005 states:

“LWVUS/LWVEF board members are encouraged to be active in their state and local Leagues and ILOs. However, it is expected that the national level of the League will be the primary focus of their League volunteer time. In order to avoid time or fundraising conflicts with other levels of the League, board members may not chair major state League, ILO, or local League projects/events or serve on state League, ILO, or local League boards.”