League of Women Voters Education Fund Board of Trustees

Board Meeting

February 2, 2014

Renaissance Hotel

Washington, DC


Board Present

Elisabeth MacNamara

Peggy Appler

carolyn Brown

Patricia Donath

Mary Klenz

Toni Larson

Janis McMillen

Karen Nicholson

Anne Schink

Norman Turrill

Linda Wassenich

Susan Morris Wilson


Budget Chair Present

Elaine Wiant


Staff Present

Nancy Tate

Kelly Gardner

Greg Leatherwood

Allyson Legnini


MacNamara called the meeting to order at 9:03am.



Donath moved the minutes of the meeting of the LWVEF Board of Trustees of October 6 and December 17, 2013 be approved.   Seconded.  Passed.


Financial Report

Donath moved that the financial report of the LWVEF dated December 31, 2013 be accepted and placed on file. Seconded. Passed


Education Fund

Nicholson provided a handout describing VOTE411, and reported on the status of its various features.  The component of most interest to Leagues is the On Your Ballet or voter guide section, and its cost structure.   A committee conference call will be scheduled to discuss possible improvements and funding options.  


Nicholson also reported on the PAVP and high school voter registration projects, as well as the Agriculture Update and the request that there be a time extension for Leagues to respond.


Nicholson moved that the Board convey that local Leagues should work on the existing Agriculture Update schedule and let Leagues know it is not required to answer all questions. Seconded. Passed


It was agreed that the online consensus report form will be changed to say, “Yes” “No” “No Agreement” “No Response”.


Turrill moved that LWVEF Board appoint Janis McMillen, Chair, Karen Nicholson, Norman Turrill, Margaret Chasson, and Valerie Kelly as the Member Agreement Committee for the Agriculture Update Study.  Seconded.  Passed.


MacNamara adjourned the meeting at 9:30 am.

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