Fundraising can be a challenge for a non-profit, grassroots organization like the League. In order to support their important projects, local Leagues have gotten creative with their revenue generating ideas and the results are often impressive. This fundraising success highlight is the League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle, MA.

Once every four years, the League in these Massachusetts towns works hard to hold a well-attended house tour. This year’s theme was ‘Energy Efficiency and Aging in Place.’ The tour included 7 homes and drew over 400 attendees, with a cadre of 70 volunteers working to assure everything ran smoothly.  Guests had the opportunity to direct their questions about the homes to present contractors and architects an d learn further about environmentally-friendly home energy solutions.

Although a large number of League members worked to make the event such a success, League co-president Cindy Nock highlighted the efforts of a dedicated House Tour Group. They recruit community sponsors to donate $1,000 for a page in the event program. The group also cooperates with local real estate agencies to choose homes to tour and coordinates staffing the homes with docents.

In total, the event raised an astounding $23,000, which Nock says will fund the League for the next four years. However, fundraising can build valuable connections in addition to raising capital, as the event allows the league to forge relationships with other groups in the area. This holds true with their other main fundraiser, an annual targeted non-member appeal which generates about $2,000 per year. These appeal letters always include personal notes from board members, and the donations help to fund speaker forums and local collaborations that increase awareness and stimulate action in the community. Congratulations to the LWV of Concord-Carlisle! Your efforts are making a positive impact on both your community and our democracy.