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League of Women Voters of [STATE] Encourages Voter Participation

League Provides More Candidate and Voting Information Than Any Other Source

[CITY, STATE] – With Election Day a few short weeks away, the League of Women Voters of [STATE/COMMUNITY] is proud to provide more voter-friendly information than any other election source. is a nonpartisan "one-stop-shop" for all election related materials that voters of [STATE/COMMUNITY] need. VOTE411 prepares voters in [STATE] with more information about down ballot candidates and issues than any other voter resource. By entering your home address on VOTE411, voters of [COMMUNITY] can learn about offices and ballot questions they will be voting on, and compare candidate responses to League questions.

“This year the [STATE/LOCAL] League is excited to providing more candidate and ballot measure details on VOTE411 than ever before,” said [NAME/TITLE OF LOCAL LEAGUE]. “As voters go to the polls, they can find information on the federal, state and local races they will be asked to evaluate.”

The League of Women Voters of [STATE/COMMUNITY] are ensuring that voters in [COMMUNITY] have all of the right tools before going to the polls.

“Voting is the one time when all citizens have an equal say in standing up for the issues and priorities that matter most to us and our community,” said Chris Carson, president of the League of Women Voters of the United States. “No matter the outcome, this election will determine the future of our country and impact the lives of every single one of us.”

The League of Women Voters of [STATE/COMMUNITY] is working in every community to help all eligible Americans register and get ready to vote. 

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