Guidelines for LWVUS/LWUEF Online Discussion Lists

The purpose of an LWVUS/LWVEF discussion group is to provide a platform for members and supporters to exchange information that helps promote the mission, goals, work and impact of the League. Members of the League are encouraged to establish discussion groups that further the work of the League at the national, state and local levels.   

LWVUS/EF discussion groups generally fall within three categories: (1) groups for the discussion of League leadership roles such as Member and Leader Development; (2) groups for the discussion of issues, such as Climate Change or Money in Politics; and (3) groups for the discussion of temporary topics or events, such as convention or council preparation or a study. 

In deciding whether or not to establish or close a discussion group, the LWVUS/LWVEF Board(s) shall consider the following criteria.

  • The discussion group will help to accomplish a LWVUS/LWVEF organizational goal.
  • The topic of the discussion group is of interest to a significant number of members, supporters and/or state and local Leagues.
  • One qualified person has been identified to set-up and monitor the discussion group.
  • Organizational resources, if needed, are available to support the discussion group.

A League or member wishing to propose a new discussion group for approval should submit a request to the LWVUS/LWVEF staff, providing the following information:

  • the topic and purpose of the discussion group,
  • reasons that the topic is of interest to a significant number of members, supporters and/or Leagues, and
  • the name of one League member to be considered as the discussion group monitor.

Rules and Norms of LWVUS/LWVEF-Sponsored Lists

  • Discussion group participants shall identify themselves by name and League (if applicable) and state on all postings.
  • Messages must be nonpartisan, not derogatory, not inflammatory, and nondiscriminatory.
  • Messages must be related to the topic of the discussion group and must be consistent with the mission, goals and work of the LWVUS/LWVEF.
  • Discussion group participants are encouraged to make use of the information gained from the group to take action in their own name unless specifically designated to speak for the League.
  • With the exception of LWVUS Calls to Action posted by an authorized staff member or an LWVUS Board member, no information on the group discussion site may be interpreted to be a request to take action. (A state or local League wishing to take action at the federal level must consult with the LWVUS.  See “Criteria for Approving Requests for Action” for further information.)

Discussion Group Monitor Responsibilities

A discussion group monitor may be any qualified member of the League of Women Voters. The monitor will

  • provide a copy of this document to members of the group,
  • set-up the group and provide instructions on how to use the discussion group technology and how to subscribe and unsubscribe,
  • help post relevant information and encourage discussion,
  • as necessary, forward questions to appropriate LWVUS/EF Board member(s) or staff,
  • ensure there is no improper use of the discussion group site, and
  • remove members that consistently disregard the rules and norms of the group. 

LWVUS Board Participation in Discussion Groups

Board members may subscribe to any number of discussion groups and may participate as individuals or as Board members. They should indicate if they are speaking as individuals or reflecting the sense of the Board.