After more than 15 years the League is moving to a new database system that will help us connect more effectively with LWV members, and other activists or constituents as we march with increased outreach and impact toward our 100th Anniversary. 


In order to make this transition:

1. The LWV Membership Database must be temporarily locked so we can migrate all of the data (National, State, and Local) into the new system. This means that the database will be locked starting April 23, 2015, in preparation for conversion to the new system. The system will be inaccessible for at least five weeks.


 ACTION ITEM: Download your roster before April 23rd to ensure you have a copy of your member list at the time of the changeover. If you have questions or need assistance accessing the database before April 23, 2015, download the Membership Database User Guide or contact membership@lwv.org.


2. Each League MUST designate AT LEAST one person who serves as a Roster Manager moving forward. All Leagues have a hard working leader who updates the League database (Member Roster) with great attention to detail and accuracy. This member is often designated as a Membership Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Management Team Member or even President. With the new system, this member will be also need to be designated as the Roster Manager. The new system will allow Roster Managers to access the database using their email address and personal password, so no more hunting down the right credentials!


ACTION ITEM: Click this link (http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2091040/RosterManager) to fill out the survey with the name and email address of your official Roster Manager for your League. 


3. Many of you have actively been updating your leadership and membership information already. To the extent possible, please update whatever data and leadership changes you can before the system is locked on April 23rd.  All names, officer titles, and information will migrate over to the new system and will allow your League to have an easier transition in the process. This will help to ensure the best data possible is migrated into the new system.


4. While the system is locked, an easy way to maintain your records and any changes in leadership or membership information in the short term, is to create an excel document that can be added to the database at a later date.


Information and training for League Roster Managers will be available when the new system is opened up.  LWVUS will be offering training webinars from June through August and we will alert you via email messages to the resources available and timing of when your League can come back onto the system, so please stay tuned.   If you have questions, please email membership@lwv.org.  


Thank you for your patience during this transition!