Internal Case for Support Worksheet

Complete It As an Exercise with Your Board

A Case Statement has several sections—they need not be in order. The internal case is a source document about your League’s vision, used in-house by board and staff. It gathers in one document pertinent and up-to-date information about your League: its services, its unique qualities, its achievements, its plans, its reputation.

  1. The Need
    What are the needs in the community that your League fills? What is the relevance of the League’s work for the community? What is going on in the state/region that set the tone/context for your work? What are the state/regional issues that you are addressing? (The need is not the League’s fundraising/financial needs)
  2. The Solution
    Explain your work. What is the League’s approach to filling the need? Why is it/will it be it effective? Eg: What are your top initiatives or goals for this year? What is your League going to do that is different, expanded or new to meet the needs the community has for this year? How will these activities address/respond to the community’s needs?
  3. The Beneficiaries
    Who are the beneficiaries of the League’s work—the neighborhood, the community, the state, the nation? How will your work make a difference to the community, the state, etc.
  4. Self Interest
    What is in it for the donor? Help them see how important their gift will be; how their life/community will be different because of the League’s work and their generous support of it.
  5. Your Capacity
    Let the world know about your successes; showcase your League’s ability to provide the solution that meets the need. How have your past successes positioned you to take on new challenges, meet the needs?
  6. The Ask
    What resources does the League require to make the solutions to the problems possible. Explain the importance of/impact on a gift to your ability to serve the community: Why should the donor support you? What will their gifts enable you to do that you cannot presently accomplish?. ASK for support, providing specific appropriate options for the level of donation you are requesting.

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A sample fundraising letter can be found in "Fundraising 101"- Appendix 4
or by downloading the PDF here:

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