League of Women Voters of the United States Board of Directors

Board Meeting

June 14, 2013

National Conference Center

Leesburg, VA

Board Present

Elisabeth MacNamara

Peggy Appler

carolyn Brown                                 

Patricia Donath

Mary Klenz

Toni Larson

Janis McMillen

Karen Nicholson

Anne Schink

Norman Turrill

Linda Wassenich

Susan Wilson


Staff Present

Nancy Tate

Kelly Ceballos

Cheryl Graeve


Greg Leatherwood

Lloyd Leonard


Nominating Committee Present

Judy Davis

Linda Duckworth


Mary Santi

Penney VanVleet


MacNamara called the meeting to order at 3:25.


Donath moved that the minutes of the LWVUS board meetings of April 6, April 7 and May 15, 2013 as corrected be approved.  Seconded.  Passed.

Financial Report

Donath moved that the financial report of the LWVUS dated April 30, 2013 be accepted and placed on file.  Seconded.  Passed.

President’s Report

MacNamara attended an event with MD state elected officials and with a Virginia election official after the last board meeting.  She also attended the Shur Fellow training in Baltimore.

The approach of having state conventions in one day such as in Kansas and New Jersey is something which should be looked at in terms of what is lost by having a short state convention. 

MacNamara, Tate and Leatherwood met with the League attorney to better understand the IRS distinctions between a c(3) and a c(4) organization, and how those legal distinctions may differ from typical League structures and understanding.   It will be important for us to have a more in-depth understanding of this, as more Leagues come to LWVUS for advice about making changes.

The House Administration Committee is considering a bill on interstate voter registration and MacNamara provided testimony on behalf of LWV.

Executive Director’s Report

Advocacy work on the Keystone pipeline and the Supreme Court cases is on-going. 

News releases have been prepared for the announcements of the Supreme Court decisions on the VRA and the NVRA cases which should happen on one of the next two Mondays or Thursdays.  Impact on Issues has been updated and mailed to all Leagues. 

Vote 411 is piloting a “who represents you” component in NY City, Oregon and NC.

95 Local Leagues have already signed up to participate in National Voter Registration Day on September 24.

Direct mail is still doing well.  A $25,000 matching grant for the Fund for Local League Growth has been received from one individual League member.

On the staff side, there are currently 4 vacancies and performance reviews for current staff are underway.

The new lease goes into effect in September.  The selection process for the new Constituent Management Database is moving along.  The two final vendors will each spend a day at the office with designated staff, Norman Turrill on behalf of the board, and Ann Luther and Jenny Waggoner as off-board representatives.


Wilson moved that LWVUS accept the Organizational Services Report dated April 6 to June 14, 2013 recognizing LWV of Leelanau County, MI,  LWV of the Prince William Area, VA, and LWV of the Northwoods, WI; recognizing the merger of LWV of Monterey Peninsula and LWV of Salinas County into the LWV of Monterey County, CA and disbanding 2 LWV’s listed in the report.  Seconded.  Passed.


Arrangements, assignments and logistics for Council were discussed.  (A tour of the facilities was taken before the meeting.)

MacNamara adjourned the meeting at 4:53 pm.

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