League of Women Voters of the United States Board of Directors

Board Meeting

June 17, 2013

National Conference Center

Leesburg, VA


Board Present

Elisabeth MacNamara

Peggy Appler

carolyn Brown                                 

Patricia Donath

Mary Klenz

Toni Larson

Janis McMillen

Karen Nicholson

Anne Schink

Norman Turrill

Linda Wassenich

Susan Wilson


Staff Present

Nancy Tate

Cheryl Graeve

Greg Leatherwood



MacNamara called the meeting to order at 11:35 am.


Brown led a discussion of Board impressions of how well (or not) Council went.  Many reported getting positive feedback from participants.  A full assessment will be shared with the Board at a later date, once all the evaluation forms are received and analyzed.


Wassenich distributed Pledge Forms to board members.  The Board discussed expectations and importance of total Board participation.

(First Vice President Janis McMillen presided over much of this discussion, as President MacNamara had to leave to participate in media calls on the Supreme Court ruling on the National Voter Registration Act.)

Tate distributed Conflict of Interest forms for board members to fill out and return.


Schink shared information about the plans for the Board Retreat, to be held in DC on the next few days.

Meeting adjourned at 1:20.

Executive Session

MacNamara convened the Executive Session at 1:22.

The Board discussed with the Executive Director the proposed Performance Goals for 2013-14.

Wilson moved that the Executive Director Performance Goals for 2013-2014 be approved.  Seconded.  Passed.

MacNamara adjourned the meeting at 1:40.

lwvus-board-minutes-6-17-13.doc29.5 KB