League of Women Voters Education Fund Board of Trustees

Board Meeting

Friday, June 6, 2014

Omni Hotel, Dallas Texas


Board Present:

Elisabeth MacNamara           Peg Appler                             Anne Schink              

Janis McMillen                       carolyn Brown                      Norman Turrill

Mary Klenz                             Toni Larson                           Linda Wassenich

Pat Donath                             Karen Nicholson                   Susan Wilson



Staff Members Present:

Nancy Tate, Greg Leatherwood, Cheryl Graeve, Jeanette Senecal, Laura Zylstra, Shauneen Grout, Vicky Strella 



Linda Duckworth, Nominating Committee Chair

Martha Rollins, Convention Parliamentarian

Elaine Wiant, Budget Committee Chair

Amy Hjerstedt, Young Persons Task Force co-chair

Amy Baker, new Young Persons advisor to the board

Melissa Hunsberger—new Young Persons advisor to the board

Anita Loch—Board nominee

George Brown

Marilyn Gilett (MA)




MacNamara called the meeting to order at 11:05 AM




Donath moved that the minutes of the meetings of the LWVEF Board of Trustees of April 6 and May 15, 2014 be approved.  Seconded.  Passed.


Financial Report


Donath moved that the financial report of the LWVEF dated April 30, 2014 be accepted and placed on file.  Seconded.  Passed.


Education Fund


Nicholson led a brief discussion of the outcomes of the Agriculture update.  Many Leagues did participate, and the responses were clear. 


MacNamara adjourned the meeting at 11:15.




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