The 4 Variations on our Logo | Different File Formats: What you need to know | LWV Colors: What are the official colors?


Please read the guidelines before downloading and using these graphics.

The League of Women Voters’ logo, like our name, is our identity. It conveys the full collective power of the LWV mission to the public, our members and supporters. Maintaining the integrity of our logo and name is essential to our work and visibility nationwide. Over the years we have seen attempts to capitalize on the League’s brand through deceptive alterations of our name and/or logo by other organizations. Maintaining a unified look is essential to our legal ability to protect our “mark” and pursue individuals and organizations who are misusing our name and image. The name and logo have been legally trademarked by LWVUS and are owned by LWVUS on behalf of all the state and local chapters who are part of our organization. Hence, LWVUS is responsible for protecting our brand and, in turn, those who are part of our family need to use it appropriately. We have established these guidelines in order to maintain the integrity of and reinforce our identity.


There are four variations on our Logo:

4 Logos

Each of the variations are available to be downloaded in different file formats to serve a specific purpose.

Official Colors 

Most logos can only be used in the official colors (blue and red) online. The "open" logo (or the "no background" logo displayed above) can be used in solid black or solid white. These are the only colors that are to be used.

The following color codes are to be used to match elements of your website (header, page titles, etc) to the logo colors.


  • HTML: #005596
  • RGB: 0-85-150
  • CMYK: 98-72-13-21
  • PMS or Pantone® Matching System: 294 Blue


  • HTML: #CC0033
  • RGB: 204-0-51
  • CMYK: 13-100-85-4
  • PMS or Pantone® Matching System: 200 Red


Understanding the difference between hard copy and soft copy.

A hard copy file format would be used if you wanted to:

  • Create a banner or poster that uses the logo
  • Create an advertisement
  • Print the logo on a mug, t-shirt, or book

A soft copy file format would be used if you wanted to:

  • Use the logo as part of a web page or email
  • Post the logo on any online forum
  • Use for electronic stationary

Downloading the Hi Resolution Logo Files
To download the logo you need, the following files are available at the bottom of this page:

  • All League Logos  - A Zip Folder that containing every version and variation of our logo
  • All League Logos in Color
  • All League Logos in Black & White
  • The LWV Logo - No additional text and no background (all versions)
  • The LWV Logo - No additional text with solid background (all versions)
  • The LWV Logo - With name and/or URL underneath Logo (all versions)
  • The LWV Logo - With name and/or URL alongside Logo (rectangle) (all versions)
lwv_logos_all.zip16.67 MB
lwv_color_logos.zip8.54 MB
lwv_black_white_logos.zip8.14 MB
logo_no_text_background.zip2.82 MB
logo_no_text_with_square_background.zip3.6 MB
logo_with_text_alongside_symbol_rectangle.zip3.18 MB
logo_with_text_under_symbol_square.zip7.06 MB