State and Local Leagues

Elisabeth MacNamara, President

League Name and Logos

September 18, 2012

While election season is a busy time for all of us, it is also the time when “sham” groups and “dirty tricks” people are most likely to misuse our name and information.

Attached is a memo from our attorneys on the subject of the League branded name and logos and the LWVUS obligation to see that we protect those registered trademarks so that we can pursue successfully any attempts to misuse our identity.

While we know that the vast majority of state and local Leagues are using the logo template available on the LWVUS website, we have also become aware of some variations—done not with malice but rather with great creativity.

Because variations that are distributed to the public are, under the rules of trademark law, things that can diminish our ability to protect our registered brand, it is important that state and local Leagues get official permission for these variations from LWVUS.

While our attorneys’ advice is to have as few variations as possible, you will see that they are aware that variations do exist. They have suggested the “permission” route as a way to help us protect our valuable image.

If your state or local League has, for whatever reason, been using a variation on the registered LWV name or logo, please contact  so that we can discuss granting permission for the continued use of that variation.  Please feel free to contact your LWVUS Board liaison if you have questions.

If you are unclear as to whether your current logo usage is in keeping with the official registered logo, please look at the examples on the LWVUS website.

Thank you for your attention to this important effort to safeguard the League of Women Voters’ branded name and trademarks.

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