The slides for this presentation and resources referenced within the presentation are below.


Impact on Issues: the “bible” for League positions. Provide detailed history of League work and League positions in brief. Available as an online version or in a downloadable format. To order your copy please visit the League store.

League Clearinghouse: The Clearinghouse is a place for state and local Leagues to post past studies and research they have done to develop their own positions.

Member Resources Site and League Forums: Here you can have peer to peer conversations with League members on a variety of different topics, including League leadership development and issue work. You will need to create a username and password to access this member’s only site.

League Basics: (Formerly In League) League Basics contains essential policy and organizational information applicable to every local and state League. League Basics offers advice, guidelines and more detailed information to help leaders develop specific methods of operation to enable a League to accomplish its goals.

Advocacy 101 Workshop Materials: First offered at LWVUS Convention 2012, these materials intend to provide the basics for developing your own lobbying or advocacy campaign. The decision tree highlighted in the presentation can be found in the Streamlining Local League Advocacy document.

Federal Action Request Form: To be used by state and local Leagues wishing to contact their federal legislators, governmental agencies or the President on a specific issue. We ask that you try to make your request at least a week in advance of your deadline, but we understand there may be time constraints.  LWVUS staff works to turn these requests around as quickly as possible.

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