League of Women Voters of [CITY/STATE] Turns Ninety-Six

[CITY, STATE] – “As we get ready to celebrate our 96th anniversary, our wish this year is a special one: Let’s get record-breaking numbers of people out to vote this year, more than we’ve seen in a long, long time,” said [NAME], president of the League of Women Voters of [CITY/STATE]. “February 14th – Valentine’s Day – has always been an extra sweet day for the League of Women Voters because it is our anniversary!”

“2016 is a critically important election year, and voters are engaging in ways we’ve never seen before, so let’s break the record together. There is a great deal of work to be done but if we join together we can make that wish a reality,” said [NAME].

“We believe the League and our country are up to the task. Just as our founders did nearly 100 years ago, the League will be harnessing the power of women in communities all across the country to do whatever it takes in [CITY/STATE] to ensure we have more voters, and the most representative group of voters, participating in the process.”

“Over the next few weeks, voters across the nation will be taking control and selecting their preferred presidential candidate. So we’ll be celebrating our anniversary by helping voters get ready to weigh in on [STATE]’s important primary,” said [NAME].

[Add language here about the elections work of your League this year: voter protection, voter education (holding candidates’ forums, voters’ guides), reminding voters of upcoming voter registration deadlines, voter service work around the primaries and caucuses, voter mobilization (registration and turnout) and using VOTE411.org as the go-to election information resource for voters in your CITY/STATE.]

“Today, as we mark the League’s 96th anniversary, and see our 100th quickly approaching, we celebrate our many accomplishments,” concluded [NAME]. “League members throughout [CITY/STATE] are keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground to ensure election 2016 sees the greatest, most diverse participation possible. We’ll do this by tapping the power of women so that we have a better [CITY/STATE] and a more perfect democracy.”


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