LWVUS 2016 – 2018 Nominating Process

Schedule and Deadlines


Spring 2015:

Nominating Committee begins to review and formulate questions to be used in interviews of LWVUS Staff and Board Members.


Nominating Committee members, LWVUS liaisons attend League Conventions where possible to meet and observe League leaders and potential nominees.


June 2015:

Nominating Committee participates in LWVUS Council (June 18 – 21) to meet and engage potential nominations.(Special event for NC to promote nominations will be an attraction at the Council.)


Summer – Fall 2015: 

Continue with League Leaders to seek nominations.


September 30 2015:

Deadline for nominations


September 25-27 2015:

National Board meeting


October 2015:

Nominating Committee contacts all recommended nominees to request additional information,

including references and a resume. 


November 15 2015:

ALL MATERIALS DUE November 15 2015.


November 2015 – January 20, 2016:

Nominating Committee reviews nominee information, interviews nominees and nominee references via telephone.


January 29-31, 2016:

National Board meeting


February, 2016:

Nominating Committee holds retreat to assemble slate of 4 officers, 8 directors and 3 off-Board Nominating Committee members for 2014-2016.All nominees are notified of the results.



Spring, 2016:

April Board meeting (April 1-3) Nominating Committee formally submits the slate to LWVUS Board which, in turn, informs all League members.Committee submits a written report to the Board -- does not attend the Board meeting.


Nominees submit photo and bio for inclusion in Convention workbook to staff


June 2016:

LWVUS Convention – June 16 – 19 – Washington, DC – Elections