At Convention 2014, delegates chose Key Structures of Democracy as the program for the League of Women Voters for the 2014-2016 biennium.

Three committees have been selected to collect and disseminate information on: money in politics; the process of amending the Constitution; and redistricting in the states.  This ambitious undertaking will end by June 2016. As the LWVUS committees go about their work, there are things that our League can do to inform ourselves and our community about these topics that are critical for our democracy.

The timeline follows:

  • Spring 2015: Education materials posted periodically on the League Management website. Leagues are encouraged to use these materials for member and community meetings;

  • Fall 2015: Study guides and consensus questions posted for the Money in Politics Review and Constitutional Amendment Study. Leagues hold consensus meetings;

  • February 1, 2016: Consensus reports (electronic) from Leagues due to LWVUS, and

  • April 2016 national LWV Board meeting: Consensus reports and resulting position(s), if any, approved.

Information on the Money in Politics Review and Constitutional Amendment Study, including scope of work, suggested readings and timelines can be found already on the League Management website, and will be updated periodically in the weekly League Update.  Our League can start gathering information at the local (state) level about laws governing campaign finance and the constitutional amendment process.  This is also a good time to form a local study committee or committees and begin to identify local scholars and other experts to work with the League in developing forums for community education.  The key structures of democracy operate at all levels of democracy and reform is needed everywhere, not just in Washington, D.C.

In addition to including background information, the League Management website includes a Money in Politics forum where members can discuss the many issues raised by money in politics.  Forums on the process of Constitutional Amendments and Redistricting will also be available in the next few months.  To stay up to date on the latest information, subscribe to the weekly League Update by following these directions. In order to make the studies successful and reflective of the views of all Leagues, we need to get prepared to participate in these all important activities.


(Add information here about your local League activities, and whom to contact for members who want to get involved.)