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Hundreds of League of Women Voters Activists Storm Capitol Hill for Voting Rights


Washington, DC – Hundreds of League members from around the country, including several members from [NAME OF LEAGUE] went to Capitol Hill last week, bringing with them a tough message on voting rights for their U.S. Senators and Representatives.

“2016 will mark the first presidential election in 50 years without the vital protections for voters found in the Voting Rights Act (VRA),” said [NAME], [PRESIDENT/MEMBER] of the League of Women Voters of [CITY/STATE]. “It has been three long years since the disastrous U.S. Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder gutted key provisions of the VRA and left voters and their rights at risk of discrimination.”

“I wanted to come to Washington myself to deliver a message to my elected leaders: it is well past time to right this wrong. We need them to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA), legislation that will put protections back into place to ensure that Americans have equal opportunity to access the polls,” [NAME] said.

The day of advocacy kicked off the League of Women Voters’ 52nd National Convention in Washington, D.C. Taking place June 16-19 at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel, the gathering brought close to a thousand members from around the country to the nation’s capitol to plan the organization’s work in 2016 and beyond as well as elect national leadership.

“In 2013, Shelby opened the floodgates to the expansion of discriminatory voting laws across the country and now we are seeing their impact on voters,” said Elisabeth MacNamara, president of the League of Women Voters of the U.S. “Throughout the primaries, voters from Texas to Wisconsin, California to North Carolina, faced hurdles getting to the polls because of laws that make it harder for voters, particularly voters of color, to participate in our democracy.” [IF APPLICABLE, PLEASE ADJUST THIS PARAGRAPH TO INCLUDE DETAILS OF VOTING LAW CHANGES/RESTRICTIONS IN YOUR STATE]

“Today I delivered a personal, direct message to my Senators and Representatives [ADD NAMES OF SPECIFIC SENATORS/REPRESENTATIVES IF APPROPRIATE], one I have been urging for years with my fellow members of [NAME OF LEAGUE],” concluded [NAME]. “Step up to the plate and take action that will protect and benefit all voters. Pass the VRAA.”


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The League of Women Voters is celebrating 96 years of Making Democracy Work® at every level of government. In 1920, the League was founded as an outgrowth of the movement that secured women the right to vote to help new voters engage with their government. Today the League empowers all voters to improve their local, state and national government. Learn more about the League of Women Voters and join our celebration!

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