Dear League Leaders,

Let's face it. In League there are some hard workers, dedicated, passionate, capable. I've met them! However, there are those that I might try to avoid. Why, you ask? It's because they are grumpy!

Is it you? Are you the strong silent type … sighing, rolling your eyes, and simply showing through your body language that you are greatly put upon or dissatisfied?

Whatever your style of grumpy may be, you might assume that if you are really good at what you do in League to us you are the most valuable member of the team. You may also think that we don't care if you are grumpy.

Not so. We all take into consideration the grump factor. Simply put, the grump factor is a measure of how difficult it is for others to deal with you. Just how grumpy are you? How difficult are you? 

Here’s a Test:

  • Do you find yourself focusing on problems with your League and /or board members?
  • Do you share this information with others (including family, friends and members)?
  • Do you quickly discount possible solutions as unworkable?
  • Do you often hear others with similar criticisms?
  • Do you lend a willing ear to their criticisms?
  • Do you sigh, roll your eyes, or otherwise display your negative feelings through your body language or tone of voice?
  • Are your creating less because of your dissatisfaction?
  • Do you resent helping others finish their work?
  • Are you waiting for a change to happen?
  • Has anyone pointed out your negative behavior?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions, you are a grump. And I can guarantee that you will limit your growth unless you work on turning your attitude around.

Today, identify the three things you like best about what you do.

Focus on the good.

Let others see and hear your positive comments.

Start turning it around today.