Dear League Leaders,

Don’t sacrifice any of your parts! For your League to be healthy, various components must be individually healthy. If you have a toothache you do not care much about the other parts of your healthy body system, and similarly if your feet are “killing you” the rest is diminished in importance.

What’s your “sore spot”? Recruiting members? Retention? Finances? Getting volunteers? Leadership? Am I close?

I invite you to wander through some of the resources that can help on our new website. (Yes, I know it takes some getting used to.)

But another way to retool and rev up is to come to Convention 2012, June 8-11 in Washington D.C.. Pick the “brains” of League leaders who have had great success in these areas at networking opportunities and attend workshops. When I was a local League president, I always came back to my League with new gold digging ideas for fundraising, ways to lasso new members, media “play” suggestions for visibility and a revived appreciation for the energy of Leaguers. Please join us!

Looking forward to seeing you there!