Dear League Leaders,

Every now and than I walk along the shores of Lake Erie and search for beach glass. This morning was one of those times. It gives me chance to do lots of "imagine ifs...".

After reading the most recent posts of the membership listserve and my experience within my local League, I started to imagine how an odd bit of glass becomes refined into a spectacular object that has gained unique qualities and consequently more value. I know that many local Leagues (and state Leagues)  have difficulty in activating members and therefore developing new leaders. To mold a piece of jagged broken glass into a treasure takes some doing. I doesn't happen instantly, but over time. It happens only if it is repeatedly "touched" by  the lake's rolling waves and polished by sand and stones. Repetitive action, that is the "touching" of members, through personal chats, mentoring and training, surveys and information packets is the effort we  make in order to move members to transition into leadership roles. It is a process and not an event. 

Convention is the place to do some polishing. There will be an afternoon of training (more details coming soon) as well as a workshop for local League presidents (and other leaders) that I will be facilitating. I look forward to being with you.