Dear League Leaders,

We’re off to our LWVUS National Convention in a couple of weeks and I always get charged up at Conventions. What will inspire you? 

  • Will it be the passion of the delegates and they debate issues on the plenary floor? 
  • Will it be the motivation to continue the “fight” from our speakers?
  • Will it be the experiences of Leaguers you meet in the elevator?
  • Will it be the meeting your representative on the “hill”?
  • Will it be the success stories of the Leagues in the MLD?
  • Will it be the pride you feel as we Power Our Voices to Power the Vote?
  • Will it be as you work to learn all you can during the workshops and then bring it home?

What will it take? 
Imagination. League members are a tenacious lot. They push, pull, and fight to continue to grow, to learn, to improve, to gauge, and to accomplish.  

Commitment is passion. It's finding a way to make it happen and a major driver in League success.

Act. This is hard work. Nothing happens until someone acts. 

I am powering up! Are you?

See you soon!