Dear [NAME],

It’s that time of year again – time to renew your League membership! Thank you for past support and for renewing today so we can continue to have the impact you’ve come to expect from the League!

Our League was very active in 2015, providing a range of programs and services for the community especially around the election. These included: (NOTE: put your own Leagues activities into the 3–5 bullets below)

  • three candidate forums for mayor and city council candidates, and
  • five public dialogues on such issues as voter ID laws, money in politics, and redistricting;
  • voter registration at twenty community events;
  • city wide distribution of 20,000 copies of the Leagues’ guide to help voters understand which candidates are running for office, pros-cons on ballot issues.

We need your renewed membership now to ensure that we can accomplish our ambitious schedule of activities in the coming year. We continue to hold our base dues, at $XX annually, to encourage maximum participation from the community. I am hoping, however, that you—and as many of our members that can—will increase your membership level to $XXX, to provide much needed additional funding for our work in 2016. This includes (NOTE: include your own League’s activities here) [hosting public forums with the General Assembly candidates and on topics such as education reform, local government reform, and water quality; producing and distributing our state voters guide; and registering community college and other underserved populations to vote].

In this time of heightened partisanship, gridlock between policy makers and increased frustration among the public, there has never been a more urgent need for the reasoned, factual and civil voice the League of Women Voters brings to our community. As a member, you are a crucial part of our non-partisan, hands-on work to safeguard democracy and create lasting change.

Thank you for your continued commitment to the League of Women Voters. We are counting on you to renew today!


President, LWV of XXXX


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