A Message from the 2010-12 Bylaws Committee Chair:

Convention 2012 delegates approved each of the proposed LWVUS bylaws amendments presented to them. The bylaws as amended appear at http://www.lwv.org/content/bylaws-and-certificate-incorporation.

Please note: Your local and state League may be entitled to send one or more additional delegates to future Conventions. We hope you take advantage of the new benchmarks -- last changed over 60 years ago -- and begin planning now for representation at the 2014 Convention in Dallas! You’ll note also that the bylaws amendments adjust provisions on the concurrence process, and recognize the national budget committee’s continuing role during the bienniem.

Many thanks to the Fairfax Area League (which initiated the delegate allowance proposal), the LWVUS budget committee, and the national board (which had unanimously recommended the proposals presented), and to President Elisabeth McNamara in particular. We wish to thank LWVUS staff liaison Kelly McFarland Stratman and LWVUS executive director Nancy Tate for their professionalism and judgment.

Thank you to our fine Committee members, including Judy Duffy and Marlys Robertson, each of whom has served as the national board’s first vice president, and Jackie Jacobberger and Anne Schink, who have served as president of the California and Maine Leagues, respectively. We wish Anne well as she begins serving on the national board.

Finally, a special thanks to each of you who actively engaged in the bylaws amendment process. Your attentiveness and thoughtfulness are inspiring.

Marlene O’Brien