From: Elisabeth MacNamara
President, LWVUSDate: 5/2/12Subject:Money in Elections: What the League Can Do


We are all aware that the huge amount of special interest money, particularly in federal races, has been a problem for years. We also know that these problems have been magnified by the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case which unleashed corporate spending for supposedly independent campaign expenditures and which has resulted in millions and millions of dollars in secret contributions.   And we are also concerned that a great deal of this money is going into highly negative, and often misleading, election-related ads.

There is a lot of frustration within the League - and around the country generally - about what can be done to minimize the ramifications in the 2012 election year and beyond.

The attached memo and fact sheet (downloadable from a link at the bottom of this page) discusses what the LWVUS is doing in this area and identifies some ways in which your League and members can get involved as well.

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