Major Time Points for Money in Politics (MIP) Review and Update:

  • Spring 2015—Education materials posted periodically at LWVUS website. Leagues are encouraged to use these materials for member and community meetings.
  • Fall 2015—Study guide and consensus questions posted. Leagues hold consensus meetings.
  • February 1, 2016—Consensus reports (electronic) from Leagues due to LWVUS.
  • April 2016 national LWV board meeting—Consensus reports and resulting position(s), if any, approved.

In late spring 2015 the Money in Politics Committee will be providing Leagues with background education materials on money in politics. Check the MIP Committee webpage regularly for new postings. Leagues are urged to use these materials for presentations to inform members and the community and to prepare members for the study and consensus process on First Amendment issues involved with political speech.

What Your League Can Do Now:

  • Form a study committee to utilize materials coming from the national study committee and to conduct the study locally.
  • Use the suggested reading list for League book reviews and book groups.
  • Gather information at the local and state level about state and local laws governing money in politics.
  • Identify local resources and experts to work with the League in developing community education forums.
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When will a revised MIP power point video be available for us to hold a public viewing?