National Voter Advertising Policies


External Advertising Policy

1.   All contents of advertisements are subject to the League's approval.  The League reserves the right to reject any advertising for any reason, at any time, despite the fact that a space has been reserved and acknowledged previously and despite the fact that a product or account has been solicited directly.

2.   Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements printed and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom that may be made against the League.

3.   Advertisements included in The National Voter are not necessarily representative of the views of the League of Women Voters of the United States.

Internal Guidelines

1.   The National Voter staff shall observe the following guidelines in soliciting and accepting advertising:

•     Nonpartisan
•     Nonderogatory
•     Noninflammatory
•     Nondiscriminatory

These standards are to be applied to the specific advertisement being considered for insertion in the magazine, not to the advertiser.

2.   The National Voter staff is responsible for determining the acceptability of all prospective advertisements.  Any potentially controversial decisions should be referred to the Executive Director and to the President.