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Voter Registration Deadline is [DATE FOR YOUR STATE]

League of Women Voters of [CITY] to host National Voter Registration Day Event

9/27 at [LOCATION]

CITY, STATE – The League of Women Voters of [CITY/STATE] today announced they would be participating in National Voter Registration Day (NVRD), a nationwide, nonpartisan effort to register hundreds of thousands of voters on Tuesday, September 27th. The League will be out in force at [LOCATION, TIME] and available to assist voters who want to register or update their registration if they have moved. [IF APPLICABLE- DATE] is the deadline to register or update your registration in [STATE].

“This election is important, and every eligible American deserves the chance to weigh in,” said [LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE NAME & TITLE]. “Voter registration is the key to helping shape the future of our country. We want to make sure everybody who wants the opportunity to vote on Election Day has their registration up to date by [DEADLINE].”


Now in its fifth year, National Voter Registration Day has been a game-changing annual nonpartisan campaign to register hundreds of thousands of voters in communities and online. Embraced a host of celebrities, bipartisan elected officials and organizations, NVRD leverages the collective impact of thousands of community partners, including hundreds of League of Women Voters groups, nationwide, every year.

“The League of Women Voters of [CITY/STATE] empowers [hundreds/thousands] of voters through education, registration and get-out-the-vote activities in every election,” said [NAME]. “We [CUSTOMIZE AS NEEDED host candidate and issue forums and registration drives while also providing trusted and timely elections information on VOTE411.org.] We believe our democracy is strongest when every voice is heard.”



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