Dear [NAME],


Thank you for your interest in the League of Women Voters, where hands on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement!  This fall, we worked tirelessly to help ensure that everyone in our community was able to vote and that every vote was counted.  We were pleased that so many individuals, like you, were engaged in and energized by this historic election season as well. 


LWV of [YOUR LEAGUE] is an organization where smart, active leaders work to create lasting change in the community. We invite you to join us!


For [NUMBER OF YEAR YOUR LEAGUE ESTABLISHED] years, the members of LWV of [YOUR LEAGUE] have worked to:



As a valued member of our community, we hope you’ll join us in contributing to efforts that will make [YOUR COMMUNITY] stronger. Members of LWV of [YOUR LEAGUE], have many opportunities to create an impact on local, state, and even national issues. I’ve enclosed a membership brochure to give you more information about joining our League. 


In addition, you will also be receiving our newsletter, The Voter [OR NAME OF YOUR LEAGUE'S NEWSLETTER], for the next three months in order to familiarize yourself with our League. To learn more, I encourage you to attend our general meetings which are held on [USUAL MEETING DATE] at [USUAL MEETING PLACE]


By joining LWV you become part of one of the most respected groups directly involved in shaping the important issues, which help to keep [YOUR COMMUNITY] strong. I would be happy to answer any questions that you have and hope you will join the League as an active leader for civic improvement. 


Our next event is [DAY, MONTH DATE], at [TIME], at [WHERE]. I look forward to seeing you there!




[YOUR NAME]                                                                                 Enclosure