Dear League Members,

As part of our outreach, I will be emailing membership tips twice a
month. It will only take one moment to read. It is hoped that these
"tools" will stimulate fresh approaches for your League to energize
visibility, recruitment, retention, and leadership practices.

I know some of you have terrific ideas as well.  If you develop
something that works for your League, it will probably help other
Leagues, too.  Please share your successes so that they can be
included in future materials we give to all local Leagues. You may have
a PowerPoint or publication that can be useful for all of us. Although
we cannot send attachments through this list serve, we can contact each
other offline and attach these "tools".  I am looking to create
this "toolbox" of PowerPoint’s, brochures, and other great things
on the national website as a resource for all.

Many of these ideas are stand-alone projects that can be done by a
small interested group of League members. Focusing on specific
activities or projects gives people a reason to get involved. Many can
commit to just one thing. This change in focus to single activities or
short-term projects is one way to attract busier people to the

When you ask them to join, give them a few options for one thing they

might want to do-a reason to join without being overwhelmed.

I am looking forward to our partnership.

Marcia A. Merrins