League of Women Voters Education Fund Board of Trustees

Board Meeting

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Renaissance Hotel

Washington, D. C.


Board Present


Elisabeth MacNamara

Peggy Appler

carolyn Brown

Patricia Donath

Mary Klenz

Toni Larson

Janis McMillen

Karen Nicholson

Anne Schink

 Norman Turrill

Linda Wassenich



Susan Wilson

 Staff Members Present

Nancy Tate

 Zaida Arguedas

 Greg Leatherwood

 Virginia Clairmont

MacNamara called the meeting to order at 2:02. The meeting of the Education Fund was moved to this Saturday afternoon timeslot, in light of the need for Board members to leave town early to avoid the approaching hurricane.


Donath moved that the minutes of the meeting of the LWVEF Board of Trustees of July 29, 2012 be approved. Seconded. Passed

Financial Report

Donath moved that the financial report of LWVEF dated September 30, 2012 be accepted and placed on file. Seconded. Passed.

Education Fund Committee Report

LWVEF funded projects are listed in the Board book. A major component of activities this year was the Power the Vote campaign. Over 200 Leagues participated in Vote411. Over 4000 organizations have the Vote411 widget on their website or have directed people to the site. Vote411 generated more than

1000 media hits for the organization. LWVEF staff helped many Leagues with voter registration work with under-represented communities, as well as continuing the fight against voter suppression laws in multiple states. Some Leagues raised some issues/questions about aspects of VOTE411, and these will be discussed at the February meeting.

Another major project was the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) project with the State Department. Arguedas described the work to date in Morocco and Jordan, and the upcoming final event in Tunisia.

Turrill moved that the agriculture position review and update that was adopted by the convention in

2012 be named the “Agriculture Update.” Seconded. Passed.

Turrill moved that, subject to review and recommendation of the study committee to the Board, the scope of the Convention adopted study be: “The Agriculture Update will focus narrowly on 1) current technology issues in agriculture including genetically modified organisms (GMOs), herbicides, pesticides, sustainable farming, agriculture water pollution, aquifer depletion, antibiotics in livestock, and accurate food labeling; and 2) current agriculture finance issues including consolidation in agriculture industries, crop subsidies and the federal agricultural regulatory process.” Seconded. Passed.

Big Picture Discussion: Issues and Plans for the Next Year

Tate described a potential partnership with No Labels, a nonpartisan organization working to address the gridlock and dysfunction in Congress. Klenz moved that the LWVUS should attend the January 14,

2013 No Labels event and be recognized as a supporter of the Problem Solvers block approach. Seconded. Passed.

MacNamara adjourned the meeting at 4:02 pm.

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