Online National Voter Service Policy

Comprehensive voter information is central to the core mission of the League of Women Voters Education Fund and the LWVEF must continue to take advantage of new technology to engage the public, therefore:

A. The League is committed to maintaining a national online voter education resource which provides general and state specific information including, but not limited to, any or all of the following:

      1. Voter registration and qualifications information,
      2. Election dates and requirements,
      3. Polling place locator
      4. Ballot and candidate information.

B. State and local Leagues are encouraged to submit voter information related to candidates and debates for posting on the website in order to reach a wider audience.

C. To complement state and local League specific information related t o the election process and to build a comprehensive national election information resource, state and local Leagues are also encouraged to provide links to their own online voter service information through the national website.

This will augment the League’s reputation as the trusted source for nonpartisan voter information and enhance the visibility of the organization.