(PMP covers 23% of these costs)



LWVUS has 2 main functions that reinforce each other in important ways. They are performed by the national Board, relevant committees and task forces, and staff: 

  • To represent the League in its entirety to the federal government, national media, national donors and foundations, and the public at large;
  • To assist and otherwise support state and local Leagues on both internal infrastructure issues and external programs and outreach;
  • And, to support both these core functions with prudent management and financial oversight, and adequate information technology.

National Activities and Representational Functions

Advocacy before US Congress and Executive Branch 

  • Lobby directly on legislative priorities (climate change, health care, money in politics, etc.)
  • Support DC area members of Lobby Corps
  • Engage over 100,000 members of electronic Grassroots Lobby Corps through Action Alerts and other means
  • Work in 13 coalitions

 Outreach to media and general public to obtain visibility for League efforts and views 

  • Issued over 150 press releases and letters to the editor in this biennium
  • Approximately 100 media interviews given
  • Ran paid TV and radio ads in selected states on health care reform
  • Ongoing updates to League website – www.lwv.org
  • Created LWVUS Facebook page, that now has over 6,000 “likes”
  • LeaguE-Voice distributed monthly to 75,000 people
  • E-engagement mailings on timely issues approximately 3 times a month

 Educational Projects and Products

  • VOTE411
  • Hold conferences on national topics

 Fundraising – using reach and economies of scale of national office

  • 45%  of LWVUS/EF revenue raised through direct marketing – mail, telephone, and electronic
  • 18 separate foundation grants were obtained in this biennium, and these cover portions of LWVUS/EF salaries, rent and overhead

Direct Support and Assistance to Leagues

Membership / Field Support Department

  • Problem solving responses to over 30,000 emails and calls per year from members and leaders on all topics
  • Administer, free of charge, over 300 state and local League Education Funds
  • Conduct webinars to train leaders on League processes and growth techniques
  • Increased support for membership recruitment and leadership development – through the Membership Recruitment Initiative and the Ruth S. Shur Fellows coaching system

 Communications Department

  • Weekly Leaders Updates to over 4,000 League leaders. Subscription is open to all members.
  • Administer 15 electronic “discussion lists” for interested members
  • Create monthly press templates for use by Leagues
  • Produce such publications as Impact on Issues and Convention Workbook
  • Creation of  “tribute videos” for the 90th anniversary year

Education Fund Projects

  • Pass-through grants to over 100 Leagues in such areas as state-level election reform, a fair judiciary, climate change, hosting of international visitors, etc.
  • Dedicated assistance to participating Leagues in 16 states on ways to be effective advocates and communicators at the state and local levels
  • Provision of particular software packages to participating Leagues

 Advocacy Department

  • Assistance to Leagues in effectively contacting federal officials on national priority issues
  • Assistance to Leagues on effective advocacy at the state and local levels

 All Departments

  • Support for productive national League meetings – like Convention and Council



With each level of League focused on its own sphere of influence – but working collaboratively for the common good – the League of Women Voters demonstrates its unique power to combine this broad range of skills and resources to “Make Democracy Work” for all Americans! LWVUS plays an important part – and so do all of you!