As part of this project, sample text for a letter to the editor has drafted for your use. Remember to replace the needed information (replace [locality] with your location or League name, etc.) You can download a word version of this text at the bottom of the page.

It’s hard NOT to see a political advertisement when watching television here in [location].  And so many of them are negative.  Most are not being run by candidates, but by “outside groups”.  Studies have shown these ads contain more attacks and inaccurate statements than candidate campaign ads.

As a member of the [Locality] League of Women Voters, I believe it is important for [locality] voters to receive fact-based, nonpartisan information about our elections.  Many of these non-candidate TV ads are leaving voters confused and disgusted and some [locality] voters may decide not to vote at all.  This concerns us deeply as the League wants all eligible citizens to vote.

That’s why the [locality] League hopes voters will support our local TV stations when they help provide us with factual information.  Applaud them when they fact check the ads and exercise their legal responsibility to reject or request changes to any “outside group” advertisement if the station believes the ad is inaccurate or misleading.  (The same rules do not apply to advertisements run by candidates – but stations can run fact checking segments in their news shows about these.)  Stations already have processes they use for consumer product ads.  We are asking them to be vigilant about “outside group” political ads too.  (More information is available at

The League has a long tradition of providing voters with factual information about elections and candidates through our election resource and local voter guides and forums. It is important for all [locality] voters to get factual information so they can make their own best decisions and they get registered and ready to vote on November 6th. 

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