If you are interested in forming a League in your community, you should contact your state League for more information.  To start a League you must first be a member of the state League and operate a Unit in your area for a viable amount of time.

The following items will be considered in the decision to promote your Unit to League status.

  • Membership roster indicating membership type – e.g. individual, household, etc.
  • List of jurisdictions your League encompasses and map; include a listing of all ZIP codes in your area.
  • List of Board Members
  • Bylaws
  • Budget
  • Nonpartisan policy
  • Membership activities that you have succeeded in as a Unit and future plans which also includes a brief outline of the membership activities including efforts to increase membership, improve retention and build diversity. 
  • Member newsletters
  • Program work, voter service activities and future plans include a brief description, including community outreach components.  Attach any pertinent news clippings.
  • Fundraising activities and future plans.
  • Brief evaluation of why you believe there is value to having a League presence in your community; include the reasoning for the membership and the community at large.





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