One of the most commonly used formal coaching techniques, the GROW ME model, is a method for structuring a conversation about goals and getting things done. The basic theory behind the model is that focusing on concrete action ensures that goals are realistic and accomplishable. In the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) program, the GROW ME method helps Leagues outline specific goals, assess what the current reality looks like, decide what their options are and finally to choose which option will make their goal a reality. To help Leagues reach their new goals, the model encourages monitoring progress towards the goal and evaluating progress as they go to know what success looks like and to build upon initial successes.

Members of the League of Women Voters of Laramie, Wyoming are successfully integrating the GROW ME model of goal setting and evaluating into every aspect of their work. State MLD coach Susan Simpson says that the model  “provides a great framework to help remember goals, recognize their current status, and evaluate how best to proceed,” which the Laramie League has put to good use, setting goals of improving communication by using outlets like Facebook more frequently and doing more follow-through with new and potential members.  The League is also using the event planning checklist and sign-in sheets at meetings as well as maintaining a mailing list. Donna Lauffer, Ruth S. Shur Fellow for Wyoming, said “Laramie is well connected with their local newspaper and they do very community-minded programs that attract a diverse grouping of people”, citing the Laramie League’s 30% membership increase from 2013 – 2014. Susan added that “Our MLD team all went through the training together in Casper, so we started out together.” The Laramie League is currently working on a number of projects including a “Know Your Community” series with panels on topics ranging from infectious diseases, traffic, zoning and tax issues to food.

The GROW ME model is not meant to add to the work load of local Leagues but rather to make it easier for Leagues and their members to get things done through a simple framework that guide Leagues during the planning process and makes that process simpler. This model is an organizational method for goal setting and problem solving to help Leagues reach their desired outcomes. The success of the Laramie League with their implementation of the GROW ME model shows how useful and simple the model can be and sets an example for other Leagues to follow.