Over the weekend of March 20, the LWV of North Carolina’s Membership & Leadership Development team hosted a training event for the LWV of Henderson County. LWV of North Carolina with the help of their Ruth S. Shur Fellow, Georgia DeGregorio, put together a weekend of invigorating roundtable discussions and training sessions on how to host efficient and effective board meetings, fundraising best practices, the best ways to manage conflict and how to create various committees. Resources for the training were raised through joint state and national MLD capacity building efforts and participants all agreed that the weekend was a huge success. 

“We had a tremendous training last weekend. Everyone participated and had a good time.” Georgia, explained to LWVUS via email. The participants “showered praise on [LWVNC for really] hitting the mark and how much they got out of it. I am so proud of North Carolina.”

The event not only covered the “nitty-gritty” details of a board’s function but also delved into deeper more meaningful conversations on board cooperation, the best practices of hosting events and how to ensure that each event is effective, current and relevant to the community. Lastly, the LWV of Henderson County board members explored more deeply the leadership positions within the League with guidance from Georgia, the MLD state coaches and the several retired Shur Fellows in attendance. Each role was examined on a “case-by-case” basis focusing on the essential functions, qualities of an ideal leader and specific steps that could be implemented to ensure success in each position.

The event came at little to no cost to the local League and was a “tremendous” experience for those involved. Sharon Burlingame, the President of LWV of Henderson County and a participant in the event noted: “We brought many unseasoned folks onto our board this part year, and this training has really helped them see more than they were able to take away from our retreat last June.” Participants left the training feeling invigorated and prepared to meet any challenge that may arise as they work to fulfill the League’s mission in their community. For other states that would like to hold their own MLD training events, they can find information and sample materials in the Membership Forum Group on the League of Women Voters’ website.