LWVUS Council/Convention Policy requires the Campaign Oversight Committee (COC) to provide a final report to the LWVUS Board after each national convention and that a summary of this report shall be posted on the League website. This is the summary of the 2014 COC report.

The LWVUS Board in January appointed the Convention 2014 Campaign Oversight Committee (COC) with the prime responsibility of conducting a Candidates Forum. An additional floor nomination led to a one hour forum for the two presidential candidates with no opening statements, one minute answers to 17 questions and one minute closing statements. LWV Dallas President Pat Vaughan moderated. Convention delegates submitted almost 200 questions which the COC combined by themes. All candidates signed the Fair Campaign Practice Pledge.

All candidates filed financial campaign reports by required dates. Individual contributions of $50 cash or in-kind support and expenditure limits of $1000 per candidate are allowed. The nominated slate of candidates reported a combined income of $1,100, in kind contribution of $240 and expenditures of $1,019.91. Candidate Deirdre Macnab’s final report listed income of $1,000, no in kind contributions and expenditures of $957.85. The COC noted a pro bono video was listed in Macnab’s preliminary report but not in the final account. There was no fair market value given for the video. To review the final campaign financial forms contact kmcfarland@lwv.org. The COC also assisted with monitoring caucuses, electioneering and balloting.

Submitted by COC 2014 Nancy Eitreim, Donna Lauffer and Marlys Robertson (Chair).