SAMPLE Letter to the Editor Applauding Fact Checking

Here in [location], we have seen more than our fair share of political advertisements on TV.  And so many of them are negative.  Others are just plain misleading or inaccurate.

Our local station, [TV CALL LETTERS] deserves credit for its efforts to make sure viewers receive the information they need to be discerning viewers of campaign ads.  I want to applaud [TV CALL LETTERS]’s decision to run “fact-checking” segments as part of their campaign news coverage.  This is especially important when it comes to ads run by unaccountable “outside groups”.  Studies have shown these “outside group” ads contain higher levels of attacks and inaccurate statements than candidate campaign ads.

As a member of the [Locality] League of Women Voters, I believe it is important for [locality] voters to receive fact-based, nonpartisan information about our elections.  Many of these non-candidate TV ads are leaving voters confused and disgusted.  

Voting brings us together as Americans.  By voting we join our families and friends in helping to strengthen our community.  As the November elections near, it is important for [locality] voters, regardless of party affiliation, to get factual information so they can make their own best decisions.   Let’s hope the other TV stations in our viewing area follow [TV CALL LETTER]’s example of community service.


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