Memo to State and Local Presidents, League Executive Directors

Re: Congressional Recess Actions Around Affordable Care Act Repeal

The next congressional recess is beginning very soon. Between Friday, April 7 and Sunday, April 23, members of the Senate and House will leave Washington and return home for two weeks. We cannot let up the fight to protect our health care. When the House reconvenes they will begin moving forward with a new bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This legislation already promises to make the already bad bill worse. The latest repeal effort would allow states to eliminate protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

We need to send a strong message over the next few weeks to #ProtectOurCare: Do not take away our care. Stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Here’s where things stand right now: (1) The House had to pull their health care repeal bill after at least 30 Republicans refused to vote for it. (2) At that time, Paul Ryan admitted, “Obamacare is the law of the land. [...] We are going to be with it for the foreseeable future.” (3) Flash forward and House leaders are back at it, talking about bringing their even worse repeal back after recess. President Trump and special interests are already urging the House on and there will be tremendous pressure on House members to go along, even those who publicly opposed the Ryan bill before.

So what does that mean? The Affordable Care Act is still under threat and we need to intensify pressure to make sure Republicans get the message that repeal has been rejected and it’s time to give up on repeal.

Here is what is included in this email to help guide you and your organization in keeping the pressure up during recess:

  1. How you can help: A list of the top activities and strategies to plan for recess.
  2. Key Members: Check out the list of key targets across the country; including those who voted yes or said they would support the law, those that said no and those that refused to say one way or the other. There is a target in almost every state! (See Attached Document for full list of targets)
  3. Talking Points: This includes topline points, key questions to ask members of congress, basic facts and more. (See Attached)
  4. This is a guide to where town halls are being held across the country. Look for your neighborhood and get involved in existing events or add your own! 



Here’s What You Can Do To Help

  1. Turn out to town halls or other events: You’ll be able to find all public events that focus on members of Congress - including town halls with members as well as empty chair events or protests at an office - We need to make sure that health care breaks through and that people share their health care stories. MoveOn provided details on how to best use the site and share materials (more information at the bottom of this note).
  2. Keep up the calls: Republicans need to keep hearing from folks over the next couple of weeks to #RejectRepeal. Use these numbers to generate calls going into the House and Senate: English: 866-426-2631; Spanish: 877-736-7831
  3. Get members on the record: We need House members to recommit that they will not repeal the health care law and will not cut coverage, increase costs or eliminate basic services - like cancer screenings and prescriptions drugs.  
  4. Hold members accountable: Nearly one hundred House members voted or came out publicly in support of ripping apart people’s health care. They need to hear directly from their constituents about what that means at public events and through LTEs, calls, and social media.
  5. Submit a letter to the editor of your local paper: We've drafted a sample LTE for Leagues to submit to their local papers. (See Attached)

ASK: Don’t repeal the health law. We can’t afford higher costs and cuts in coverage just to give the rich another tax break. Additional messaging is below but it’s important to keep it simple - we’ve got to make sure repeal is off the table.


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